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fire suppression system

Fire Suppression Systems are ideal for protecting electrical and electronic equipments and irreplaceable items from fire and the damaging effect a fire sprinkler system.

Extinguishing a Fire

When fire suppression systems detect heat, smoke they activate. The most common fire suppression systems use chemical, gaseous or foam agents to suppress a fire. In certain instances, a fire suppression system is the only option to extinguish a fire. It's also a viable option in cases where water would cause irreparable damage to the property its intended to protect.

Common Types of Suppression Systems and Applications

FM 200 Fire Suppression

Requires no costly cleanup, leaves no residue Ideal for computer rooms, museums, historical archives, and many other applications

Carbon Dioxide

Work quickly, efficiently, gaseous agent extremely dangerous to humans

Printing presses, spray booths, flammable liquid storage, and dip tanks

Wet Chemical Fire Suppression

Forms vapor suppression foam, effectively preventing re-ignition
Ideal for kitchen applications
Dry Chemical Suppression
Work quickly to extinguish flames caused by flammable and combustible liquids
Mechanical rooms, furnace rooms, flammable liquid storage areas

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